Ammonia Stainless Steel Evaporator

freon refrigeration maintenace

freon refrigeration design and implementation

Industrial refrigeration

Cold moderator

Pipe insulation material injection

Manufacture of ammonia tanks

Reciprocating compressors Hasigava

Installation of ammonia refrigeration

Ammonia refrigeration facilities

Installation of sub-zero cold

Repairs and maintenance of refrigeration

Types of refrigeration evaporator

Sort systems

Rapid freezing equipment

Industrial refrigeration piping

Freezing tunnel



Installation of industrial refrigeration

Installation of evaporator

Commissioning of Refrigerating System

Equipping and commissioning of refrigeration

Touch Panel

The atmospheric system

The atmospheric system

The atmospheric door

Rail external door refrigerator

Condensing pressure regulators

Pressure controls, diff erential pressure controls, type RT

Regulator valve

Regulator valve

Drain valve

pilot operated internal safety valves

The valve set pressure and temperature

pilot valve for servo operated main valve

GEA comprossor

GEA comprossor with PLC

PLC cpu

GEA comprossor with PLC

GEA RC 12-12 comprossor

Electrical bord

Direct coopling comprossor

Ammonia storage tank


Soft starter

GEA screw comprossor with PLC

Grasso absorption chiller

controllerl for temprature control

Temperature sensors

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

Electric valves

Safety valve

Constant pressure valve, type CVMD

Controller for control of industrial evaporator

Solenoid valves

Gas stop valve

Engine Valve

Irainian Rail Door Fridge

Stop check valves

Safety valve

Safety valve

Th ermostatic expansion valves for ammonia

Hand tap angular

Hand tap linear

liquid level regulator

Filter angular size

Pressure regulating valve

GAS detection sensor

Gauge valve & Side glass valve

Float switch

Oil control valve with Filter

oil regulating valves type ORV

Double stop valves

Angleway and straightway stop valves

liquid level transmitter

pilot valve for servo operated main valve

Pilot operated main valves(PM)


Pressure controls type KP

Differential pressure Controls type MP 55

pilot valve for servo operated main valve

The atmospheric system

supply and installation skinning machines

manufacture of electrical control panel automatic

supply and installation scaling machine

supply and installation headless and bone SAW machine

supply and installation quick freeze

making ammonia tanks

making cold bakspalt

making electric panel board

Making electrical constraction with PLC

Quick freeze spiral and lining

Ammonia refrigration design and implementation

Ammonia refrigration maintenance